Modesty & Weddings

By Nkorni Katte on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 4:04pm on Facebook – Thanks to Mr. Kate.

Lasciviousness mentioned so many times in the writings of Paul is doing that which promotes lust. I cry in my spirit when I see a church that professes to be Spirit filled yet so worldly as Hollywood. The ministers who lead such churches are dead spiritually. Their consciences have been corrupted, because they have fornicated with world. Where have we left the dictates of the Spirit of God, to the point that we play and laugh over sin? Sensuality has become our entertainment.
The body of a woman belongs to God first and to her husband second. And it is not to be flaunted as we see in modern weddings today. This is dishonoring to God, It one of the works of the flesh listed in Galatians chapter 5 which will take men and women to hell. In short, it is a soft core Pornography. That is the spirit of the world already in the church. The world knows that sex sells. So it associates to most of its product a dose of sensual and sexual fantasy. And that is exactly what is going on when girls/Women come to God’s holy Altar and reveal the thigh, the midriff, the back, the cleavage, the upper chest. Where is the place of modesty in all this show? It is very minimal. I know you will tell me that nobody was naked. But the devil is wiser than you; his doctrine that many of you have accepted is that. “Show as much flesh as to leave something on his/her imagination”.  CONSIDER WHAT YOU CAN PLANT IN SOMEON’S IMAGINATION. It is the SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL, TEACHING GOD’S SERVANTS TO COMMIT FORNICATION.Do you know that you will not be permitted to visit someone in prison, in the USA if you are dressed in strapless? If the worldly systems can have some discernment to have such a standard, what is wrong with the church? It means that a modern Christian Bride wearing what she considers honorable her wedding dress (strapless) is technically indecent to attend prisoners. The Church should have a higher standard. Shame to all the brides, who flaunt flesh in such indecency. Shame to the grooms who permit their brides to be dressed in such a manner. Shame to the Minister who blesses such a wedding. Let him repent, and seek deliverance.
The modern wedding dress, on so called deceived Christian women. It is USUALLY STRAPLESS, BACKLESS OR LOW CUT. It is all the flesh, flesh, flesh, upper chest, upper chest, upper chest ,or back, back, back or cleavage, cleavage, cleavage .I am waiting for the day when the bridegrooms will begin to dress revealing too .Do we lack clothes ( fabric) to cover the body in modesty? I doubt. We have been seduced and deceived by Satan who is the god of this world.
These churches need to repent in sackcloth and ashes and return to the true holiness of heart and life. A person filled with God’s holiness will not take part in such perverseness.
A woman filled with modesty of the Holy Ghost will not be wearing short skirts or blouses with necklines that plunge down deep to her chest to reveal her intimates. She will be covered in modesty and honor. Who has deceived this church to walk in such darkness?


Lord Jesus, you have taught us to obey your virtues yet we have finally failed you. Have Mercy on us nd do not punish us, forgive us and give us the urge for truth, for obedience to your word and the Holy Ghost let him enter us always and bring us close to you! Thank you Jehovah God, for your Forgiveness in Jesus’ name.