Abominable In Christianity

Mat_5:28 – But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

A few days ago, as i knocked off from work. I tuned in to a the Public Bouquet and watched Emmanuel TV, they were re-broadcasting a Sunday’s live service. I listened while the Man Of God taught after Delivering a couple that had dwelt on masturbation in the past. The Couple had lived distant  lands and depended on Skype to communicate as well as romance one another while in different places. Yet the results of this act were spiritual and the impact it caused on their lives was detestable. They did not intend to have such situations but, it all happened unawares. Everything in their lives went the wrong direction, business closed down, finances and happiness doomed, and peace disappeared in the marriage – Brought about because of evil spirits.

Lesson I Will Not Forget

I would go by saying at times we have neglected some effects of things we do humanly. For example the case mentioned above, Masturbation is actually “torcher to the person practising it” – Prophet T. B. Joshua. You should agree to this 100%. One thing that you will notice is that after watching pornographic Videos/movies; you will desire with whom to practice these acts. Masturbation is not even mentioned in the Bible at all. A sin not recognised, a sin without proof of forgiveness.

There is a link  between Masturbation and Dark spirits; While Watching such films, your mind gets influenced in a way that you will want to do it, when your partner is not with you; or you are not married, you will feel relieved when you indulge in the act of it. Jesus said; …”whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already… Now, the figures of people acting or involved in the act of producing such videos are already possessed with unruly spirits of demonic influence. Television or Video is capable of possessing someone on eye contact, worse when one joins in to do as they actors do! Demonic spirit, the antichrist can and will use anything liked by human beings in order to make man rebel against God his creator. When that spirit possesses one, they will destroy the victim to the core. It’s like a virus, when a virus invades one’s blood stream; it goes to all parts of the body and inflict as much damage as possible such that by the time you realise that you are sick by way of developing symptoms, it has already damaged half the unit. Those are demons for you…if you do not tell them to leave you alone.

Whenever you expose yourself  to acts of Masturbation, you expose yourself to danger. Also any act that is with lust and not shown in the scriptures or mentioned but with little mentions may not have necessarily be proven to be forgiven as they do not have grounds mentioned in scripture as we only do that which is mentioned; i mean christians – those who follow Christ Jesus‘ way of life.

As A Way Of Sexual Abstinence

Practically matching with the human mind – Yes, but not scriptural. The Bible tells: Heb 13:4 – Marriage honourable in all, ….. For fornicators and adulterers God will judge. This means that any acts that the scripture does not promote will lead one to join the dark forces of the abbys while burning without rescue. It is reality that is being discussed here, therefore who ever involves himself in acts of such as mentioned in this article must refrain from doing that – “The Holy Spirit will not dwell in a temple that lavishes itself with acts of Masturbation” – Prophet T. B. Joshua.

After Involving oneself in Acts of Masturbation

Your life will be changed to join hands and or Partner with spirits of destruction from the Wicked Spiritual Worlds, and that means you have no relationship with God. The Devil’s Mission which we all know is; “To Kill, Steal, and Destroy”, anything good. Whatever is good, is you and me, anytime we try to walk in faith he comes and distracts our walk of faith with the Lord. Rom 7:15 – For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I; Paul here is stating that there is a force that pushes one to do evil when what you want to do is only the righteous dids that glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Refrain from such and save your wretched soul before the devourer buffets on your flesh and cages your spirit. Flee oh friend from the act of Masturbation, it is not acceptable.

Scriptures are Quoted in The King James Version Unless Otherwise Stated!


Dear Lord, I thank you, Lord Jesus i thank, Holy spirit that you have allowed me to know that my acts are unacceptable; This time father i pray that you search my heart and my wholeness, remove anything to do with spirits of lust in my life. Remove anything that makes you uncomfortable to dwell in me holy spirit. In Jesus’ name i pray, Amen.

PS:  Remember: No one is too perfect to be tempted! Anyone on this globe can be tempted whether presdient or Queen! David was  king but was tempted – Psalms 51. It is only the grace of the Lord Jesus that saves us!

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